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Survival, horror at the sunless depths of the Pacific Ocean. Stranded on the seafloor with low light and few tools, an industrial diver takes desperate steps to surface before his oxygen — and sanity — give out.

The debut effort of Franco-Californian collective Honor Code, Narcosis was conceived in 2011 at the prestigious French videogame school ENJMIN. Narcosis debuts on multiple platforms this winter.


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Awards & Recognition

Selected Articles

  • "It’s a fascinating project so far ... and the tension it generates is impressive."
    -Philippa Warr, Rock Paper Shotgun
  • "The developers call it a walking coffin and after a few minutes of play time using the Oculus Rift I understand why."
    -Brian Crecente, Polygon
  • "...c'est une belle surprise immersive que nous livre le studio Honor Code."
  • "The Oculus Rift is no stranger to horror games, but Narcosis is the best-looking of its breed I’ve played."
    -Tim Turi, Game Informer
  • "Drowning in 3D can be fun! The horror of Narcosis is amplified by the Oculus Rift."
    -Ian Hinck, Game Trailers
  • "Honor Code wants an immersive experience, one that will bring very real world fears to life."
    -Ozzie Mejia, Shacknews
  • "There’s no need to invent the horrors that lie under the ocean, in fact. What’s there in real life is intense enough, as Narcosis shows"
  • "They told me the demo wasn't too scary, but I just about panicked anyway."
    -Miranda Sanchez, IGN
  • "I expected a big jump scare, but Honor Code's more subtle route really impressed me and helped sustain the tension moving forward."
    -Tim Turi, Game Informer
  • "In a situation and setting like this, there’s no good or evil, just a bunch of life forms all trying to survive—our protagonist included."
    -Evan Shamoon, Unity
  • "‘Narcosis’ is set to be a tense, thrilling and really quite scary game that offers you a glimpse in to the realm of the deep sea in a way that ensures you’re always on the edge of your seat."
    -Sep Gohardani, Only Single Player
  • "An hour of wandering through sea caves as murderous cuttlefish tried to latch onto my face might be enough to break me."
    -Zack Furniss, Destructoid
  • "It’s a new take on horror, and one that completely immerses you in an experience that was designed to make the most of early VR technology."
    -John Gaudiosi, Fortune
  • "The grim narration ultimately enhances the game’s atmosphere with creepy descriptions and unnerving foreshadowing."
    -Geoff Thew, Hardcore Gamer


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