Narcosis is a survival story set at the hostile depths of the Pacific Ocean. Stranded after an accident, an industrial diver takes desperate steps to surface before his oxygen - and sanity - give out.

Narcosis began as a project at ENJMIN, a prestigious videogame school in Angouleme, France. The game was awarded an Honorable Mention in the Student Competition category at the 2013 Independent Games Festival. Currently under construction using the Unity3D game development engine, Narcosis is scheduled for release Q3 2015.


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Awards & Recognition

Selected Articles

  • "More than the typical "survival horror" genre this is "survival," with some psychological horror woven in, most directly through narration as you are treated the to inner monologue of a man in serious trouble."
    - Steven Hansen,
  • "It’s a fascinating project so far ... and the tension it generates is impressive."
    - Philippa Warr,
  • "...c'est une belle surprise immersive que nous livre le studio Honor Code."
    - Kip,
  • "The developers call it a walking coffin and after a few minutes of play time using the Oculus Rift I understand why."
    - Brian Crecente,
  • "The Oculus Rift is no stranger to horror games, but Narcosis is the best-looking of its breed I’ve played."
    - Tim Turi,
  • "Drowning in 3D can be fun! The horror of Narcosis is amplified by the Oculus Rift."
    - Gametrailers,
  • "(Narcosis) is getting some buzz for its Oculus Rift support, but the game itself has a really interesting premise over and above the technology... It is stunning, and really shows a lot of promise."
    - Jeff Cannata,


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David Chen

Quentin De Beukelaer

Damien Dreveau

Benjamin Perrot

Robin Picou

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